Electrospinning Machine

PSG Electrospinning machine is ideally suitable for industries and educational institutions. Nanofibres' diameter and other physical properties can be modified by adjusting the process parameters such as solution concentration, voltage, flow rate and the distance between need leand collector. Thus,this machine would help the researchers and students to learn the nanofiber processing techniques in detail. Customized set up can also be supplied.

Electrospinning is a versatile and cost effective process to design and produce nanofibers having diameter mostly ranges from 20 to 200 nm (1 nm = 10-9m). The process can produce nanofibers from a wide variety of natural and synthetic polymers. In this process, polymer solution is injected at a constant feed rate through a needle and the droplet coming out of the needle gets charged by a high voltage source.

The huge potential difference between the needle and collection unit causes the charged liquid to eject as a jet and gets attracted towards the collector. During this process solvent evaporates from the polymer solution and leave the dried nanofibers on the collection unit.

Nanofibers are mostly collected as randomly oriented non-woven mat; however, aligned nanofibers can also be produced by changing the collector unit (drum or disc type). These nanofibrous mats have been used in many applications, such as air or water filtration, medical textiles (like bandage, diaper, sanitary napkin, facemask and tissue engineering scaffolds, etc.,). These mats have very good filtering efficiency against dust particles, microorganisms, toxic agents, etc.,

The machine can spin random or oriented nanofibers of any suitable polymer in solution. The same machine can be used for vertical and horizontal type of electrospinning.


  • A feed pump to feed the polymer solution at a different feed rate
  • A high voltage source
  • A collection unit mounted on sliding unit to collect the nanofibers at different distances the unit has options of changeable flat, drum & disc type collectors
  • Safety cabinet
  • Collector slide assembly

Power 230V AC, Frequency 50 Hz
High Voltage Power Supply Unit 0-50 kV, Output current - 2 mA, Analog display
Syringe Pump Single syringe (disposable) with standard needle, Flow rate - 0.1 to 20 ml/hr, LCD display for volume and flow rate, preset volume control and automatic shut-off, Audible alarm
Collector Dimensions (mm): Drum - Ø 120x150L, Disc - Ø 120, Plate - 220L x 115B: Drum Speed -1500 rpm
Collector Slide Travel 350 mm, Speed - upto 720 mm/min
Spinning chamber Wooden chamber, Humidity display meter, Temperature control display, Exhaust fan
Safety Door Lock, H. V power supply unit switches off automatically when door is opened, Emergency stop
Standard unit consists of Syringe with needle, Insulation of the chamber, Insulation floor mat and Electrical safety gloves
Options Multi-channel syringe pump, Co-axial spinneret, Glove box, Slot, Conveyor type collectors, Computer interface using lab view, Video camera and display
Overall dimensions and weight Size (L x B x H) - 1290 x 850 x 1880 mm,
Weight - 300 kgs
Warranty 1 year

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